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    LAMS Steel specializes in providing complete solutions including  design, fabrication and erection of high-quality  engineered steel building  steel structure products and pipe fabrication. Since its establishment in 2011, LAMS Steel has implemented more than 100 steel and piping works across UAE. We provide customers with full steel structures such as factory, warehouse, high-rise building, heavy industry, shopping mall, exhibition centres, infrastructure.

Company Declaration


    The need to produce quality work with measurable characteristics, obliges the company to embrace quality not only during the designing stage, but also at system level, confirming all organization and logistic activities have been provided to achieve the overall objectives of total quality management.


    The company consistent with its mission, pursues the strategy to increase the presence in quality jobs.


    The leading values of the company are consistent with our mission statement. Our values are: Total understanding of our client needs. To improve our professional skills in order to be able to update technical development and to supply services to the highest standard. Carry out our job in a way to ensure the quality is never compromised. To establish within our organization the requirement to strive for continuous improvement.

    Quality Policy

    The company is to provide quality jobs in accordance with our mission statement, to be responsive to both the individual and collective needs of our clients, as well as those of the general public. Identify the needs and expectations of our clients and turn them into requirements to be fulfilled, providing quality solutions in an economical way. Continuously improving the company capability and competitiveness, through research and innovative work practice and to adapt the company services in accordance with market trends. To supply high quality services to all clients in accordance with their requirements. Ensure there are adequate controls of quality management system, in order to measure all activities, avoiding trouble and to have suitable information for top management review

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I had a very positive experience working a priority expedite part. Lamp steel committed to an accelerated schedule and did not have to be chased to make it happen. Thank you!